Infrastructure Managed Services

NodeMonster offers exclusive infrastructure services right from the scratch. VPN,call center routing, centralised security solutions, centralised antivirus solutions – it is a complete IT infrastructure support. Stay dynamic and accelerate deployments with NodeMonster.

Our Services

NodeMonster simplifies the configuration and management of all the application hosting services, enabling businesses to evolve and plan adaptive, useful and scalable infrastructure management solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Zero worries. NodeMonster’s Infrastructure Management offers effective data recovery services, backing up your data at every designated point to prevent the loss of data.

Virtualization, Storage Design and Deployment

NodeMonster offers competitive storage design and deployment along with top-notch virtualization for the most efficient performances.

Unix/Linux Centric Deployment

NodeMonster offers exclusive Linux compatible tools for the Linux server deployment with exceptional performance and compatibility.

Business Continuity Services

Get access to your cloud from anywhere in the world! NodeMonster offers cost-effective Infrastructure Management services with easy restoration and high availability.

Infrastructure Migration

No compromises to be undergone with NodeMonster’s structured and productive Infrastructure and server migration services. Managed services at NodeMonster assures security, business continuity, data integrity and application and data portability.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Meet the challenges of the dynamic business world with NodeMonster’s Remote Infrastructure Management. With data backup and recovery, NodeMonster monitors and mitigates the Infrastructure threats with a 24*7 dedicated support.

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NodeMonster, with 24*7 dedicated support and uncompromised monitoring, helps businesses to focus on core competencies and goals.


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